Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sneak Peek! Restoration Collection

I've been busy creating 4 new color collections for Sping/Summer this year. The Wildflowers Collection is done and already up in the shop. The 2nd one, Restoration, will be available after this Saturday, March 28th.

I did research on what color trends were going to be for the warmer seasons. I tried to create Restoration with colors of a sun drenched landscape or the weathered wood of chairs on a Mediterranean piazza. Restoring hues for relaxation and inspiration: calm pebble grays, sky blue, pistachio green and an acid tangerine.

Here's a sneak peek!
This collection of colorful fibers is sold as a sampler pack (1oz each) or as individual larger braids. You can make one humongous skein or a bunch of little ones. I love making fun colorful patchwork yarns with them. Each colorway is meant to compliment the next so it's really up to one's own imagination what to do. :D

What's the 3rd color collection? It's a secret! But I will say it's super bright and fun!
I love doing these Color Collection samplers because it makes me work with colors I wouldn't normally consider using, forces me out of ruts, and allows me to discover and play with new combos!


  1. Lovely! Looks like the fiber stash is about to get a little bigger....

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