Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Things

Back before fiber arts took over my life I was into digital art. I have few of my own paintings that I may share someday but in the meantime I'd like to introduce you to Meowza. He is my absolute fave artist. He's so amazing and creative. How awesome is this?!...he has a collaboration with a gal who sews!!...and on top of is a knitting themed accessory bag!! How could I possibly pass it up?! My new bag!

How cute is it?! It's perfect for all my knitting accessories!

Kukubee on etsy carries tons of other cute bags in various sizes and lots of different themes. Zombies, nerds, coffee addicts, animal lovers, and even the 80's. The illlustrations are from the amazing mind of Meowza (Brent). I can't gush enough about his work! You can check out his portfolio here. :D

This one is my personal favorite, of course!

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  1. I love kukubee's shop too! I really want the 'I heart Books' pouch