Monday, April 1, 2013

New Dye Studio

  I'm all settled in the new studio, finally!  I still have lots of projects for the space but it's functional.  My backsplash is a plastic dropcloth (for now), my rinse tubs are ikea storage containers, and the faucet is way to close to the wall that my knuckles hit while turning.  But I'm loving every inch of this new space!!  I have sunlight, a breeze, and most!!  My very own space I don't have to share with anyone.  My family loves it too!  No more putting off dinner because I'm using the kitchen.   Our dining table is free of wool and packing supplies,  no more wool boxes in every corner.  It's heaven!   One of my new favorite spots is where I package everything.  The table faces out to a big window where I have a perfect view of our olive tree and lemon tree.  It makes me happy. :)
Pardon the bad photo, I need a new phone with a nicer camera.
I found this cute vintage table in our barn, then added in some of my own found treasures. :) 

PS.  Please feel free to follow me on instagram, though it's mostly my house and kids.  I'll try to take more fibery pics though, promise!  I'm Laursbee :)

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