Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Color Fun

  This app is great for dyers and all color lovers, Blendoku!  It is a free puzzle game where you solve colors and learn real color skills.  I like to play it in bed to wind down before sleep so I can dream up new colors to dye.  It's challenging and also serves as a refresher for color blending.  It's given me a ton of inspiration!

Match the colors so each blends with the next to get to the end color.  Drag colors from the top to their corresponding place on the grid where they blend.

Answer is a pretty display of how colors work together.

 You have to keep both the vertical and horizontal colors in mind so it can be a bit of a challenge on some levels, especially the master levels.

I've come across a lot of levels that I want to see on fiber.  There are also levels that I think I've already tried!  This one was pretty close to Bird of Paradise. :)

If you love playing with color like I do, you'll love it. :)  Have fun!


  1. Hi, those colours look amazing! I will give that game a try ~ thanks.

  2. I'm loving the game! Addictive for sure.

    1. yes, indeed! those master levels are so much fun. :D

  3. Cannot wait for some awesome color inspiration while playing!