Monday, September 8, 2014

Mixed-Up Monday, Lime Green

 This week we're aiming for lime green.  The thing with colors is that everyone has their own ideas of what a color should be.


 When I think of lime green, I really don't think of an actual lime. It's not exactly neon green like the swimsuit I had in 1988 either.  Lime green, in my mind, is right between the two.  I'll be mixing up a few shades so hopefully the shade of lime green in your mind will be here too.

What you'll need:
Acid: citric acid or vinegar
Dye Stocks: Yellow, Turquoise, and Brown  (purple is optional)
Measuring Spoons
Fiber or Yarn (animal fibers): I'm using 1 oz bundles
Dyepot:  stainless steel or crock pot, not to be used for food...ever again

Gather your wool or yarn, and soak in some plain tap water until saturated.  I'm using a mixed breed wool.

Add a few inches of water to your dyepot just so it will cover the wool when you put it in there later.

Add in your acid.  I'm adding about 1/2 tsp citric acid for 1 oz of fiber. You can add a couple tsp of vinegar if you don't have citric acid.   I start with 1/2 tsp citric per oz for medium colors, lighter colors get a bit less, while more saturated/darker colors get more.

Add 2 Tablespoons of yellow stock solution.  Water is still room temp, no heat yet.

Next, add in 1/2 teaspoon turquoise dye stock.

Grab 1 oz of wool from soaking bucket and gently squeeze out excess water.  Add it to the dyepot.

You're going to want to heat this up real slow with as little agitation as possible.  Cover it and turn it on to the low setting for about 20 minutes.  Water should be clear.  If not, let it sit and heat a bit longer.  A hint of turquoise in the water is ok.  
Let cool.  
Take fiber out and soak in tap water with a fiber wash or a drop of blue Dawn.  I use a piece of nylon net to wrap the fibers in while rinsing and soaking.
Transfer to rinse (plain tap) water carefully.  
Squeeze out excess water and hang dry.

Bundle it up and admire your Lime Green wool. 

Lighten it up by adding less dye to dyepot.

Here I added 1/4 of the dye on left, 1/2 the dye in middle, right is the full recipe.

Too bright?  Dull it down a bit with brown or purple, or both!

Mix the recipe as stated above and add 1/2 tsp brown (or purple) to the pot.  

Front color has added purple.  Middle color has added brown.  Way back is both brown and purple added.   It is more of an avocado green now. 

You can add either the brown or contrast color (purple on color wheel) and get pretty much the same result.  I usually use brown to calm down colors because I have it handy in a stock solution. 

Which one do you think is the limey-est? 


Next Up on Mixed-Up Monday:  Shades of Pale Pink


  1. Awesome! I think I like the one with added purple and the one with 1/4 of the dye the best.

  2. Thanks! My favorite is the one with added purple. :) It would also be pretty with the 1/4 dye and add a drop or 2 of purple...I'll have to try that next time!

  3. Hello

    This is eaxactly what I was looking for. I am trying to dyw a fabric that is 90% wool and 10% spandex, I am quite concern about applying heat to the fabric. I dont want to sacrifice the Stretch of the fabric.
    QUESTION: I want to dye the fabric in Neon green like the one the second from your left in the first picture, with the limes. What should I mix for it. I have Turquoise and fluorescent Yellow. Thanks.