Monday, October 20, 2014

Mixed-Up Monday: Coral

Today we are taking a dive and exploring coral.  The color coral is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange and is named after the sea creatures.   It varies widely in shade so you can play with the amount of dye used to get the depth you're aiming for.

What you'll need:

Dyepot: stainless steel or crockpot
Acid: citric or vinegar
Wool: animal based fiber or yarn

I will be using 1 oz bundles of mixed breed combed top.

Wrap your fiber in some nylon net and soak in some room temp tap water until saturated.

Add a few inches of water to your dyepot, enough water so it will completely cover your fiber.
Add 1/2 tsp citric acid, or 2 tsp vinegar.  

Add 1TB (15ml) of magenta dye stock to the pot.

Next add 1 tsp (5ml) yellow dye stock.

Add some damp wool  and make sure it is completely submerged in color.
Cover pot with lid and turn heat to low.  Pot should be simmering gently.  Check in about 15 minutes to see if water is clear.  If not clear,  you can check every 5 minutes with heat still on low.  Sometimes it is necessary to add a bit more acid (1/4 tsp citric)  if dye is not exhausting.  

Let cool.  Prepare your rinse sink with room temp tap water and a few drops of textile detergent or Blue Dawn.  Submerge your dyed wool in sink.  Do a final rinse in a sink of plain water.  

Let dry and bundle it up!
You've got a pretty coral red!

If your idea of coral is a bit lighter:

This shade is achieved by using 1/2 the dye in recipe above.


Add 1/4 tsp turquoise dye stock to recipe to tone it down.

Adding 1 tsp (5ml) brown dye stock will warm it up and bring it toward a brick red.  (doesn't this look like a heart?!) 

Add 1/4 tsp of black dye stock will cool it down and make it lean toward cranberry.

Pretty shades of coral:

Have fun and keep on dyeing!

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