Monday, November 24, 2014

Mixed-Up Monday: Spruce

Mixed-Up Monday is back!  Today we are dyeing up spruce green.   This color always reminds me of winter nights and warm wool blankets.

What you'll need:

Wool or yarn: animal based fibers
Acid: citric acid or vinegar
Dyestocks: blue, yellow, red, black, and brown
Dyepot: stainless steel or enamel crock pot

I'll be dyeing up 1 oz bundles of mixed breed combed top.  If you are dyeing larger amounts you will need to adjust the acid and dye measurements.

Soak wool or yarn in room temperature tap water until saturated.
Fill a dyepot with a few inches of room temperature tap water.  Make sure there will be enough water to completely cover your fiber.

Add 1/2 tsp of citric acid or 2 tsp of vinegar.

Add 3TB (or 45ml) of BLUE dye stock.

Next add 1 TB (or 15ml) yellow dye stock solution.

Gently press out excess water from your wool and add to pot.  Make sure it is completely covered by dye water.  Put on lid and turn to low.

Let this simmer for 30 minutes then check to see if dye has exhausted.  If not, let simmer a bit longer and check every 5 minutes.

Let cool.  Gently rinse dyed wool by placing it in a bath of room temperature water with a couple drops of textile detergent or Blue Dawn.  Final rinse with a plain water bath.  Hang dry.

You've got a pretty spruce color. 


Adding 1TB (15ml) of brown dye stock brings the color into a forest green.

Add 1 tsp (5ml) of red dye stock to soften it into a warmer shade.

Add 1 tsp (5ml) of black dye stock to the main recipe to darken and cool it into a teal shade.

Have fun playing with colors!


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  1. Ooooh, I especially love it with some red added!